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"I don't get your crazy system." "System? It's called the alphabet." (btvs 4:3)

Today is my fanfic anniversary! After being a reader (and lurker) for years, I finally wrote and posted my first story (a short Spike/Xander fic) a year ago today. I’m so happy that I took that step – it’s been such a rewarding year! I’d like to thank everyone who’s been so encouraging and supportive – you’ve really made me so happy to be a part of the BtVS fanfic community!

In celebration of this anniversary I’ve created my very own FIC MASTERLIST WITH SUMMARIES. It is almost exclusively BtVS/AtS fic, with two fics that are Veronica Mars and one that is a BtVS/VM crossover. I have organized it in categories that I think/hope are logical. *g*

Spike/Xander Fic

It’s Not - (7,800 words, R overall, NC-17 in one chapter)
This was my contribution for fall_for_sx this year, and is the story I’m most proud of because I challenged myself in terms of style and theme – and I’m very pleased with the results. It’s set a couple of years post-Chosen with Xander in Cleveland and asks the question “What if life turns out to be ordinary and boring for Xander after Sunnydale?” And in one of my favourite parts, it also explores life post-NFA for Spike. If I had to pick one story for you to read, this would be it!

Drive Me Crazy - (517 words, R)
This is a fun glimpse of life for S/X post-It’s Not, which I think is perfect after the low-key angst (and trust me when I say it’s low-key!) of It’s Not. Can be read on its own too.

Five Nights - (3,344 words, PG-13)
This was written for spring_with_xan 2006 and is actually a reworking of and expanding on the first Spander fic I wrote (Quiet – see directly below). It’s set Post-"Him" (Season 7), and I see it as a way of exploring why Xander’s attitude toward Spike shifts around this point in the series. Basically it’s Spike and Xander negotiating being roommates over the course of five nights (Yes, my titles are often that smart!).

Quiet - (427 words, PG)
A brief moment between Spike and Xander, which is basically the beginning of Five Nights. Oh yeah, and my first fic!

The Other Replacement - (2,330 words, R)
I had so much fun writing this one, it was for entrenous88’s ‘The Replacement’ Celebration -- A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha!. The events of “The Replacement” from the perspective of the suave Xander, with different results. Definitely a fun fic, which continues to amuse me (because I’m that dorky).

Rescue Me - (515 words, R)
This was my first time writing Spike and Xander as an established couple, which I enjoyed because it meant I could start right in with the banter and the flirting. It’s set some time post-Chosen and post-NFA. Spike and Xander are patrolling together.

Five Times Spike and Xander Never Went Shopping - (500 words, PG)
This is a series of connected drabbles, each set at a different time over the course of BtVS. Each one is about, well, exactly what the title says it is about! Currently (as of 2/6/07) it’s my most recent S/X fic, and I think it offers a good sense of my writing style.

I also have a couple of S/X drabbles which are listed in the drabble section: Best Seat in the House and When I Awake in the Middle of the Night.

Also, Murder at the Neptune Express, which is listed in the Crossover Fic category, is S/X.

Xander-Centric Fic

Xander 2.0 - (1,127 words, PG, Xander & Buffy)
This remains one of my all-time favourites. This is a Xander and Buffy friendship piece that’s set during “Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered” (so it’s like a missing scene). In it Buffy helps Xander prep for his date with Cordelia. This has a special place in my heart because I feel that it explores Xander’s various feelings towards Buffy, and to me, says a lot about why their friendship is so special. This fic won 2nd place at the Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards, Round Two for Best Xander Fic.

What You Didn’t Know You Needed - (368 words, PG-13, Xander/Dawn)
This is one of the very few het pairings I’ve written, and it’s definitely a pairing I can really see working post-series. This is basically a moment, post-Chosen, in which Xander and Dawn reconnect. I wrote this while sitting at my very ill grandpa’s bedside, and even though the story’s very different than that experience, I feel that I somehow captured the mood of that time. It’s a very personal story to me, and one that was very easy to write (it just flowed out of me very quickly). Definitely one of my favourites.

Surprises - (1,541 words, PG, Giles/Xander)
This is when I reveal how very dorky I am because this is also one of my favourites (*shakes head at self*). I really enjoyed writing in Giles’ POV and exploring the potential of a Giles/Xander relationship in a post-Chosen setting. (I know this is the Xander-Centric section and this is Giles POV, but since Xander’s very prominent I figured it should be included – and I made up the categories anyway!). savoytruffle is one of the writers who introduced me to Giles/Xander so I wanted to write her a G/X fic for her birthday. This fic is based on some random prompts from her, and was written with her specifically in mind, however I feel confident in saying that it will be enjoyed by all!

I also have a couple of Xander-related drabbles which are listed in the drabble section: Pink (G/X), the ‘In’ in Infestation (Xander & Tara) and Countdown (Xander/Cordy).

BtVS/AtS Fic

Chicken Dancing - (3,870 words, G, S4 ensemble and Dawn)
Written for stoney321’s Gud Summaries Ficathon, so the story is inspired by the summaries Riley finally gets a clue and Xander finds out where all the toilet paper went. The concept of this fic is that it’s a “lost” episode from season 4, in between “A New Man” and “The I in Team”, however Dawn is in the story because this is one of the false memories that the monks created. This is a wacky story that I envision as the same kinds of hijinks as “Something Blue”. It was definitely a challenge to write ensemble, but I had a blast getting to write everyone (even Joyce is in it!).

There Should Be Oil - (802 words, R, Buffy POV of Spike/Angel)
For some reason the only time I’ve written Spangel is Buffy imagining them together, which I think is because I get a kick out of Buffy’s comment about oil (aka the title). I really like the idea of Buffy thinking porny thoughts about Spike and Angel together instead of her angsting over her feelings about them.

Dreaming - (466 words, PG-13, Angel/Wesley)
This was a spur-of-the-moment fic inspired by a fun conversation on entrenous88’s LJ about the lack of mermaid fic in the BtVS/AtS fandom. Oddly, I then wrote this serious, moody ficlet that’s set around the time of AtS’s “Deep Down.” This is one of those earlier pieces that I look back at and still enjoy.

If the Devil Come and Roar For Them - (903 words, PG-13, Spike)
Written for lateseasonlove’s fill-in-the-blank fic challenge for “Bargaining Part One.” Interestingly, despite writing Spike a lot, it’s one of the few Spike POVs I’ve done. This is what Spike’s doing while the Scoobies say good-bye to Giles. This is one of my favourite titles, it’s from Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part One.

BtVS/AtS Drabbles

Most of these drabbles were based on prompt requests, and all are exactly 100 words.

Pink - (Giles/Xander, G)
Set during “The Initiative” (season 4), after Xander’s mom offers him and Giles fruit punch. This was my first foray into G/X and definitely a drabble I love.

Carrots - (Willow, G)
Willow reading Anne of Green Gables (my favourite book ever) and comparing it to her life. It’s filled with references to the book (which make me happy) but you don’t have to be a fan of the book to know what Willow’s thinking about.

Poseurs - (Cordelia, G)
A glimpse of Cordelia’s life in AtS late season one/early season two.

Puzzle - (Anya & Willow, G)
Anya and Willow have an encounter in the library before “The Prom” (season 3).

Best Seat in the House - (Spike/Xander, PG)
Spike and Xander, pizza and the basement of doom. What I especially like about this drabble is that it’s entirely comprised of dialogue.

When I Awake in the Middle of the Night - (Spike/Xander, PG)
If you’ve ever wondered how I envision Spike/Xander actually functioning as a couple, this is a good drabble to read to find your answer.

By Rote - (Oz & Giles, G)
A moment between Oz and Giles in season 4. These are fun characters to write in a drabble because neither talks unnecessarily.

The ‘In’ in Infestation - (Xander & Tara, G)
I always enjoyed the (sadly minimal) interactions Xander and Tara had, so this was a fun chance to explore it. Awkward conversation ensues. It’s set season 5.

Vampire Baby Blahs - (Angel & Baby Connor, G)
Angel, baby Connor and a teddy bear. Yep, it’s cute, and hopefully funny.

Falling Forward - (Angel and Baby Connor, G)
So you know how the previous one is cute and funny? This drabble is the opposite of that. I managed to not read a prompt properly (which requested cute and funny) and wrote this instead. This is definitely one of the drabbles I’m most proud of because I think it explores what’s so tragic about the Angel and Connor storyline.

Fries with That - (Connor, G)
This is set late season 3, around the time Connor's just arrived in L.A. It’s really awesome to write Connor because he has such a different perspective on things, even something as simple as a fast food joint.

Coming Clean - (Spike/Buffy, G)
Another rare occasion of writing a het pairing, although I’d say this is more like pre-Spuffy. It's set sometime late season 4. And yeah, I do think Spike and Buffy’s interactions are sort of like a dance.

A Thing - (Buffy/Spike, G)
Buffy thinking about what’s going on between her and Spike. Set in season six, sometime in the "Smashed" to "Gone" time period. This is part of a drabble meme, so I used a line written by apreludetoanend.

Countdown - (Xander/Cordy, PG)
Xander thinking about him and Cordy (although similar sounding to the previous drabble, there are very different reflections happening!). Set in season 2. Also part of a drabble meme, so I used a line written by laisserais.

Treat - (Dawn/Faith, PG)
My first femslash! This is the femslash pairing that most intrigues me, and some day I hope to write a full length Dawn/Faith fic. For now, this is a sexy moment between them post-Chosen. Another one from the drabble meme, and it also uses a line written by apreludetoanend.

Crossover fic (BtVS/VM)

Murder at the Neptune Express - (9,000 words, R overall, Spike/Xander and Logan/Weevil)
My one and only crossover fic (although I do have dreams of writing a BtVs/Anne of Green Gables one some day). This is set in the summer of 2005, after season one of Veronica Mars and 2 years after BtVS ended. Spike and Xander are a couple when the story starts and are both working with Buffy, Giles and the other slayers and watchers, etc. They go to Neptune to investigate some suspicious reports. I really loved writing this fic (I even posted on Tuesdays!), and this was definitely one of the cases of writing what I wanted to read. I had a blast having Spike and Xander explore and interact in Veronica’s world.

Veronica Mars Fic

Afterglow - (1,059 words, R, Logan/Weevil)
This is absolutely one of my favourite fics. I’m so proud of the style of the piece and the way that Logan/Weevil interact. This is the story I imagined while watching season 2 of VM, and it’s so satisfying to have been able to write it – and be happy with it! It’s set during “Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle” and “Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough".

The Ladies - (Dick, PG, drabble)
Warning: Dick is, well, a dick. And I’m a little afraid that I was able to write this. ;)

I will try to keep this up-to-date, but feel free to drop me a comment if I’ve gotten lazy about updating.
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