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BtVS & VM Crossover Fic: Murder at the Neptune Express (Spike/Xander, Logan/Weevil, 7/8, R)

As promised, I have chapter 7 for you! And it's only slightly behind schedule. The eighth and final chapter should be posted on Tuesday October 17th as scheduled. I hope you enjoy! *g*

Title: Murder at the Neptune Express
Author: cordelianne
Chapter: 7/8
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Logan/Weevil
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,368
Feedback: Yes please. Concrit is very welcome by email.
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine, Joss and Rob Thomas own them.
Summary: This is set in the summer of 2005, after season one of Veronica Mars and 2 years after BtVS ended (one year after AtS ended).
Spike and Xander are a couple when the story starts and are both working with Buffy, Giles and the other slayers and watchers, etc. They go to Neptune to investigate some suspicious reports.
A/N: Thanks to the completely awesome and wonderful savoytruffle and spookymonkey for the invaluable betas. Any mistakes are mine.

All chapters can be found here.

[Xander] grimaced at the memory of the bloodied corpses. “Well, worked as well as can be expected when dealing with blood-sucking evil things.” He glanced over at Weevil. The boy hadn’t said anything when he saw his dead cousin; he’d just left the room. Now he was just leaning against his bike, staring at the ground.

“They’re dead, we’re all alive,” Spike said in a low voice, “I call that a win.”

Veronica came running up to them. “We’re not all here.”

Xander gripped Spike’s arm. “What?”

“Where’s Logan?”

Murder at the Neptune Express
by Cordelianne


“Okay, this is bad.”

Spike and Veronica gave Xander a No shit look.

“They haven’t left the building!” Mac ran up and collapsed onto the hood of Veronica’s car, panting. “The guy watching the back – Hector I think – said no one’s been in or out. Logan’s still in there.”

Veronica’s eyes were fixed on the building. “Why would the… uh… vampires keep him in there?”

“Must be going to use him for the ritual.” Spike exhaled cigarette smoke and stared at the ground, his shoulders slumped. Xander wanted to say something lame and useless like It wasn’t your fault, but he knew it wouldn’t help. What would help was rescuing the kid.

“Does a ritual mean they don’t kill him?” Mac had that optimistic tone that didn’t quite believe itself.

“Just means they just kill you slower.”

Xander decided it was time to derail Spike’s self-pity express. “So we know he’s in the building. That is definitely of the good.” He rested a hand on Spike’s back. “Now we just need to figure out where in the building. And fast.”

“Mac, can you pull up the building layout again?” Now that they were heading towards plan territory Veronica was back in charge.

Xander nodded. He caught Spike’s eye and held his gaze as he steeled himself for more action. “You guys work on that. I’ll see about our backup.”

Spike nodded, breaking the eye contact. Xander was left with a warm feeling, and not just in the usual location.

Xander took a deep breath and walked across the parking lot. It was weird how they’d all worked together inside, but out here? The Jets and the Sharks.

Weevil’s head jerked up when Xander approached. “We all done here?”

“Funny you should ask. Well, not funny actually. Funny would be cream pies and banana peels. Gotta have the bananas, which we don’t. So it’s really a ‘yes, we have no bananas’ situation...” At Weevil’s look Xander got to the point. “The vamps have Logan. Up for another rescue mission?”

“You do remember how the last one went?”

“The thing with vampires is that they’re evil. Not Spike, of course. Now that he has a soul, he’s not evil anymore. Pre-soul he was evil, and annoying, and trust me he was really annoying. He can still be annoying now, but that’s not the point. The point is that except for Spike, vampires are evil. Well, okay, there is this one other guy but let’s not dwell on him. Anyway, they kill without mercy, and the only way to stop more innocent deaths is to kill as many as we can.” Xander wished he was better at the motivational speeches. Maybe he should ask Buffy for tips, her speeches had way improved. “Look, bottom line is that sometimes a little revenge goes a long way. It may be a cliché, but we are talking the battle between good and evil here. What do you say?”

Weevil’s expression was hard to read. Was he considering what Xander had said or was he about to get on his bike and ride off?

Weevil set his helmet back down and stepped forward. “I’m in.”

Xander restrained himself from cheering, this wasn’t the crowd for it. Maybe he did have a future in the speech biz. Move over, Tony Robbins.

Weevil turned to the other PCHers. “The vampires got Logan. Who’s ready to take these bastards down?”


“Who cares about the guy who killed Felix?”

There was a general shaking of heads, grumbling and nasty remarks. Weevil might as well have suggested the gang attend a taping of Oprah.

“Listen,” Weevil’s voice cut through the noise, “’Cause I’m only gonna say this once: the guy who saved my life in there didn’t kill Felix. He’s a spoiled rich kid, but he’s not a murderer.” The masses weren’t exactly lighting up the torches or gathering the pitch forks, but they did seem to be listening. “But forget him,” Weevil continued. “One of these things killed Teresa – one of our girls – and if there’s any chance that it’s still alive in there, I say we ain’t done here.”

There were some reluctant nods. Xander might have to hand his speechifying crown over to Weevil.

“You guys in?” Veronica didn’t wait for confirmation. “Good.” She stepped up beside Xander and pointed back back to Spike and Mac huddled over the iBook. “We’ve got a plan. We just need some bait.”

Where was Cordelia when you needed her, Xander wondered? She was always the best bait. Oh right, Spike had told him where she was. This was why he avoided even the shortest trips down memory lane.

He sighed and shook it off. “I’ll do it.”

“No, you won’t.” He wasn’t sure what startled him more, Spike’s words or Spike’s hand clasping his shoulder. He’d forgotten how fast Spike could move.

Xander squelched his happiness at Spike’s response. “You’re not the boss of me. And besides, with the whole eye patch I look less dangerous, or so I’ve been told.”

“No.” Spike gripped his shoulder tighter. “Someone else.”

“No? Listen –” Xander started.

“I’ll do it.”

Everyone turned to stare at Weevil.

“What the fuck?” one of the PCHers asked. At this point he was definitely speaking for everyone.

“I’ll do it,” Weevil repeated. “The bait’s gotta be able to fight, so anyone half-blind is out. I’m in.” The And that’s final went unstated.

Xander now got why Weevil was the gang leader. He had the confidence, knew when to take charge and when to take the risks.

It was hot.

And that was so not a thought he’d be sharing with Spike.

“We save Echolls and let the motherfuckers burn,” Weevil said, in full-on Tony Robbins mode. If Tony Robbins was a biker, that is.

A grin spread across Veronica’s face. “You know, that’s not a bad idea.”


“That was smokin’,” Xander said in between coughs. “The only thing that would’ve improved it would have been frying the vamps on their own sacrificial altar.” He thought again. “Of course, then there would have been the unfortunate side-effect of the ginormous soul-sucking demon being invoked. So, um, no.”

“Nothing tops the vampires being set on fire just as they were about to set me on fire.” Logan stumbled and leaned more heavily onto Weevil, who had an arm around him. “Karma’s a bitch, man.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” Spike slipped his Zippo back in his pocket and snagged a finger in Xander’s belt loop, pulling him closer.

“You’re such a hero, dude,” Logan said to Weevil. “How will I ever repay you?” He giggled and swayed and Weevil held him up, his facial expression blank.

Xander could guess what Weevil was thinking and it wasn’t Get the hell away from me.

“Is Logan drunk?” Mac stage-whispered to Veronica.

“For the sake of our sanity, I’m going with yes.” Veronica eyed Logan as he practically hugged Weevil.

“Weevil!” one of the PCHers called from his bike. “Let’s get out of here before Lamb shows up.”

“Go ahead.” Weevil lifted Logan out of the hug, but continued holding him. “I’ll catch up.”

Veronica nodded. “They’re right. We should get out of here. And the girls should go to the hospital.”

They stumbled back to the cars, looking more like disaster movie survivors than action heroes. But if that meant they could overdose on sleep and sex, in that order, Xander was cool with that.

He slid an arm around Spike’s waist. If Logan could use nearly dying as an excuse to cling to another guy, so could Xander. Spike didn’t complain.

There was a woman weaving slowly towards them across the parking lot. “This should go well,” Veronica murmured. Xander kissed the sleep and sex plan good-bye.

“Logan!” It was Trina, and like her brother she was unsteady on her feet. The vamps must have drugged them. “Where are we? Who are these people? Why are you covered in soot?”

“She picks now to ask good questions?” Logan said, more to Weevil than anyone else.

Trina staggered closer. “And why are you draping yourself all over some boy? Is this your way of getting my attention?”

Continues here.
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