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BtVS & VM Crossover Fic: Murder at the Neptune Express (Spike/Xander, Logan/Weevil, 2/8, R)

I'm very excited to bring you Chapter Two of my BtVS/Veronica Mars crossover, which is birthday fic for the lovely lillianmorgan !!

Title: Murder at the Neptune Express
Author: cordelianne
Chapter: 2/8
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Logan/Weevil (eventually)
Rating: R
Word Count: 769
Feedback: Yes please! Concrit is very welcome by email.
Disclaimer: Not mine, Joss and Rob Thomas own them.
Summary: This is set in the summer of 2005, after season one of Veronica Mars and 2 years after BtVS ended (one year after AtS ended).
Spike and Xander are a couple when the story starts and are both working with Buffy, Giles and the other slayers and watchers, etc. They go to Neptune to investigate some suspicious reports.
A/N: Thanks to the completely awesome and wonderful savoytruffle and spookymonkey for the invaluable betas. Any mistakes are mine.

For Chapter One go here. The complete fic is here.

Murder at the Neptune Express
by Cordelianne


“What do you see?”

“Why would I be able to see what’s happening any better than you?” Spike gave Xander one of his You’re an idiot looks. “I’m standing right beside you. It’s not like I’m taller than you.”

“Can’t you do your super-vampy-seeing-at-night thing?” Xander leaned towards Spike in an attempt to see beyond the flashing lights and cop cars.

“Excuse me?” Spike gestured to his jeans. “Do these look like tights to you? I’m a vampire, not Superman.”

“Actually Superman can see through things, not …” At Spike’s bored look Xander decided not to bother with the finer points of comic book mythology. That’s what Andrew was for. Well, that and being annoying, but at least he had someone to geek out with. “So how do you propose we get the info? Should we dress up as cops? Or maybe FBI agents?”

“That’s it. No more all-day sex, no sleep for you. You’ve clearly fucked your brain out.” Spike was groping him in such a distracting way that Xander couldn’t care enough to object to the statement.

“There’ll be time for dress up later. For now let’s just ask around.” Spike slapped Xander’s ass, and headed over to a deputy with slicked hair and a moustache who was leaning against a squad car. After a minute he realized that Spike was actually flirting with the guy.

Dammit, he wasn’t in the mood to watch his boyfriend flirt – although Spike wasn’t really his boyfriend, was he? It’s not like they’d ever called each other that. Mostly they just had sex.

Good sex.

Very good sex.

Talking was over-rated, Xander decided. Who needed big emotional declarations when you could get regular mind-blowing blowjobs, and more, from a recorporealized vampire?

Okay, he so needed to be thinking of something besides sex. Right, crime scene. He was supposed to be investigating. Across the street a tiny blonde girl was leaning against a car, camera in hand, staring intently at the lit-up house.

When he approached, her hand flew to her bag and he flashed on Buffy, half expecting the girl to whip out a stake. He reminded himself that after the whole crazy slayer escape incident they’d run enough Slayer-seeking spells to find every last girl. Whatever she had in her bag, it wasn’t a stake, but he was still a little intimidated.

“Pretty scary, huh?” Xander said. “And here I thought this was a safe town.”

“You must be new.” The girl’s hand didn’t leave her bag. “The owner of this house is in jail for murdering a teenage girl, and his son was just acquitted on charges of murdering a member of the local bike gang. More Mansons than Cleavers here.”

“Intense family.” Xander nodded at the house. “Do you know them?”

Her eyes narrowed. “You must be a reporter.”

“Me? Nope.” Xander flashed her a smile and flailed around his brain for a plausible story. “I’m visiting. Actually I’m checking out the town cause I’m considering moving here.”

“My advice: don’t.” She got into her car and started the engine. She leaned out the window. “Neptune’s no Mayberry.”

“Compared to Sunnydale it doesn’t seem that bad,” Xander mumbled as she drove off.


“She’s missing girl number six. No body’s turned up yet.” Spike took a swig of beer and propped his feet on Xander’s side of the booth in one of Neptune’s only non-swanky bars.

“But she may still be alive, which would be good.” Xander had a déjà vu moment, and wondered if he’d be muttering that over and over in the nursing home one day, scaring the other patients. Life sucked sometimes.

“Good? All these years with me ‘n’ Angel’s given you the wrong impression. Vampires don’t normally sleep with humans, we kill them. It’s a whole thing.”

Yep, life could really suck. And with vampires involved, the sucking happened on many levels.

“You know, I have learned some things in my nine years of fighting demons.”

Spike raised an eyebrow.

Xander pretended not to notice. “And one of those things is that if we try, we can save people. Maybe not everyone, but every person counts.”

Spike clinked his bottle against Xander’s. “Alright, let’s save this girl, since we’re here anyway.”

Xander grinned. “We’ll be big damn heroes. So what’s her name?”

Spike glanced at the paper in front of him. “Trina Echolls.”

“That name’s familiar,” Xander said.

“Parents were big movie stars, she’s one of those actresses who’s done a lot of crap TV movies. Like Tori Spelling.”

Xander raised his beer. “Here’s to saving a D-level celebrity. Our lives have such meaning.”

Continues here.
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