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I believe the subtext here is, rapidly becoming text. (btvs 2:11)


Here's TWO lines from the most recent episode ("Don't Mess with Taxes" 5:13) in which Barbara Jeans says she wants to be Reba's girlfriend:

I love how tough you are. When we're in prison, I'm so going to be your girlfriend.

Even if we didn't go to prison, I'd still so be your girlfriend.

These lines caused me to flail in excitement!!!

To read the lines in context (which just possibly makes the lines more slashly)

Barbara Jean: I'm going down. I'm headed for the big house.
Reba: Oh, Barbara Jean.
Barbara Jean: Promise me, Reba. If I get sent to prison, you will do something to get sent to prison too. And then we can break out, like on that show. You're going to have to get the layout of the prison tattooed on your body, so you're going to need to gain some weight.
[Barbara Jean flails and cries.] Oh god.
Reba: Calm down.
Barbara Jean: I love how tough you are. When we're in prison, I'm so going to be your girlfriend.
Reba: They only send you to jail if you lie on these forms. Not because you put glitter on them.
Barbara Jean: I would never knowingly lie, so if I just made these mistakes because I don't know what I'm doing, I should be okay?

[After Reba has left the room.]
Barbara Jean: Even if we didn't go to prison, I'd still so be your girlfriend.

I was so excited by those lines because of my longtime love for Reba/Barbara Jean:

1. My first entry in which I suggest there's a lesbian subtext between Reba and Barbara Jean.

I said: It's just that they're written the way you'd write a male/female couple before they get together - lots of bantering and insults but deep down you know they care about each other. Even though Barbara Jean is married, Reba seems to be the most important person in her life.

2. More Reba/Barbara Jean love here.

Here's a quote I used in that entry: Barbara Jean to Reba (describing Reba's presence in her life): "You're like Patrick Swayze in Ghost."

3. Fun Reba/Barbara Jean quotage.

Quote used in the entry: Barbara Jean: "Reba, this is Texas. You're lucky I don't tackle you right now."

4. General discussion about my love of the show here.

5. Discussion between fellow Reba fan ladyinhottpink and myself about the lesbian subtext here.

Here's what ladyinhottpink said in that discussion: i don't even think that the reba/BJ lesbian subtext can even be called subtext anymore it is so intense. "i can give her anything a man could," "she's mine," and "i would rather you were single and miserable than with someone else and happy." OMG. so good.

The whole Reba/Barbara Jean dynamic is interesting because even though Reba's single and Barbara Jean's married, it's Barbara Jean who consistently expresses her affection for Reba. It's almost like Barbara Jean's marriage makes it safer/less threatening for her to make these comments.

As I mentioned in first entry I've linked to: Lesbian subtext aside, I think it's awesome that they have a strong friendship. It's impressive that they're written as friends despite that Brock cheated on Reba with Barbara Jean. Even though that's often an issue in their friendship, they are able to let the blame lie with Brock and not let a man come between them. It's all very women-unite.

On a silly note: Reba is so the butch AND the top in her relationship with Barbara Jean!!! I've looked around online but I think that ladyinhottpink and I are the only ones enjoying the lesbian subtext. Oh well, more fun for us I guess?!!

Must bask in awesomeness of Barbara Jean's comments one more time:

I love how tough you are. When we're in prison, I'm so going to be your girlfriend.

Even if we didn't go to prison, I'd still so be your girlfriend.
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