October 10th, 2006

Pat of Silver Bush illustration

BtVS Fic: When I Awake in the Middle of the Night (Spike/Xander, PG, drabble) & info about MNE

For those of you wondering what MNE is, that's what I call my BtVS/VM crossover fic, Murder at the Neptune Express. I'm very sorry but I don't have chapter seven of MNE for you today. Traveling delayed the writing and betaing process. It should be ready to be posted tomorrow afternoon or evening, so it's only a short delay. *smiles charmingly* Chapter eight (the final chapter!) should be posted on schedule (so next Tuesday).

In lieu of fic, I thought I'd post an unbetaed Spike/Xander drabble because it feels weird to not post fic today.

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