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I bring you links of things... from the President to Joss Whedon

In the wake of the depressing news of Amendment 1 passing in North Carolina (my sympathies to everyone who fought and voted against it), it's nice to have some cheery news. And we have that from none other than the President himself. Sometimes I just love Obama SO MUCH:
Obama announces official support of same-sex marriage!
[A]t a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married. - Barack Obama

Also, I love this video (thanks to spikedluv for posting this) which nicely states that the North Carolina Amendment asks the wrong question and avoids the fact that this takes away rights from many people:
The beautiful words of Reverend Dr. William J. Barber
However you feel about same sex marriage, religiously or personally, or morally, you can be for or against, you should always be against division and hatred, and discrimination being written into the Constitution. - Reverend Dr. William J. Barber

Wonderful children's author, Maurice Sendak, passed away and this is a lovely remembrance of his accomplishments:
And he sailed off through night and day and in and out of weeks and almost over a year to where the wild things are.
Roundly praised, intermittently censored and occasionally eaten, Mr. Sendak’s books were essential ingredients of childhood for the generation born after 1960 or thereabouts, and in turn for their children. - Margalit Fox

Want some library porn? The 25 most beautiful public libraries in the world.

This past weekend, I was in Philadelphia where I managed to eat lots of good food, see many awesome sites (historical and the Van Gogh Up Close exhibit) AND still have time to see the Avengers twice. It's possible I loved it! So to close up my mini linkspam, a thank you letter from Joss to his fans:
Aw, Joss, you are a delightful sap and silly dude!
So this is me, saying thank you. All of you. You've taken as much guff for loving my work as I have for over-writing it, and you deserve, in this our time of streaming into the main, to crow. To glow. To crow and go "I told you so", to those Joe Blows not in the know. (LAST time I hire Dr. Seuss to punch my posts up. Yeesh!) Point being, you deserve some honor, AND you deserves some FAQs answered. - Joss Whedon
FYI: He does say he's working on a sequel to Dr. Horrible!

Okay, Cordelianne over and out!

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