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Well I thought it was already as heavy as can be

Thanks to Iron and Wine for my title line, I think it expresses how I'm feeling right now.

It's been so long since I've posted I have decided I should do some sort of update.

For those of you who know my girlfriend, savoytruffle, you probably have a sense of what's been going on in my life. It's been a sad time because after a year of battling lung cancer, her mom passed away early in September. This has obviously been a sad and hard time for my girlfriend (Camisha), and I have been trying to be there for her. I also am very sad myself and definitely grieving this loss for both Camisha and I.

Things have been weird in terms of timing. I finished my last day ever at my job (where I'd been for 11 years) on Friday Sept 3rd and the next day my mom and I drove down to help out Camisha and her mom. The following morning (Sunday the 4th) is when Camisha's mom passed away. I continue to be relieved that I decided to go down again to help out, and brought my mom. We also have thought that Camisha's mom may have held on till Camisha would not be alone.

I then spent the next couple of weeks with Camisha and just missed the first week of classes. I am very glad that we were able to be together during that time. Of course this has definitely been the time where I wish we weren't long distance but that is why I'm working to get my degree.....

So I am also back in school full-time, completing my Masters of Information and am finding this to be a lot of work, exhausting and overwhelming. This is my first time as a full-time student since my second year of undergrad, many many years ago, so this definitely feels like a new thing and a challenge. At the beginning of the semester, not surprisingly, I had a hard time focusing and some of my marks suffered. But now I'm in the midst of killing myself working on all these involved assignments. Only 4 more to go this semester! So this is why I'm not really around on LJ that much. Stupid school... but I will finish in April and will look for a job closer to the girlfriend. Must focus on future goals!

One of the highlights of these last few months has been the time I spend with my best friend's son: my nephew Jake. He's about 15 months, totally adorable and at the stage where he repeats what we say. I inadvertently taught him "wow" last night. Here's a couple of photos of him and I on Halloween.

Jake is uncertain of this whole pumpkin carving business.

Jake as a cow for Halloween

Me singing to a sleepy Jake.
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