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"I laugh in the face of danger, and then I hide until it goes away."

As I went through my icons I realized they're all of people being kick ass and tough, none of being afraid and hiding out in their apartment... which so describes me! I'm basically like Xander in my icon, cowering.

Let's just say that sleeping in and not going to my downtown yoga studio (I live in the city but more uptown) was the best thing I ever did! I would have likely been stuck downtown (the subway downtown shut down) and trapped near what had begun as a peaceful G20 protest but - because of a few individuals - became violent.

In preparation for the G20, I thought businesses far from the security zone were silly to board up their windows, and now I'm wondering why every business in the downtown core didn't do that! I have been riveted to the genuinely shocking footage of what's been happening in Toronto. I've been mostly watching CTV coverage but suspect that the CBC has the most comprehensive best coverage here. If you haven't seen anything about it, check it out - this is just not the kind of thing that happens here.

I have to say that this is the first time living in Toronto that I've been afraid. I lived through SARS here and was totally unperturbed. I've spent many a night walking or biking alone in Toronto, and never been scared. It's just so surreal to see places I'll often be eating at or shopping having their windows smashed. Police cars being set on fire right in the heart of the downtown. I've found myself thinking "Don't hurt my city!" I'm all for protest and believe in freedom of speech and am proud of the thousands of protesters who made their points peacefully and articulately. But these few people that are smashing up the city have overshadowed the peaceful protesters in the media.

Having the G20 summit be in the downtown of Toronto was ridiculous. I feel that those who decided to hold it here are to blame. Our city is being destroyed because they decided to hold the summit in the downtown of a city where people actually LIVE, work and play in the downtown. My friends, parents and I stayed inside afraid to do our usual Saturday activities because of the few individuals who took advantage of a peaceful protest to cause damage. My facebook was filled with friends sharing that they're okay (thank goodness) because it's been such a freaky day. I will continue to hide out at my apartment for the weekend!
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