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"I hope you enjoyed our 'salt in the wounds' slow motion."

I am soooo tired, yet I feel the need to keep posting the TV meme. Today's category may be tricky for me:

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show

I'm not sure if I have any shows I feel guilty about watching. Like the Vampire Diaries could have been it but it's too good I just can't feel guilty about it! Aha, I have just figured out what my choice is:

Dancing with the Stars

I feel this image nicely illustrates the cracktastic nature of the show: the two finalists descend onto the stage in a giant mirror ball! I normally don't feel guilty about watching DWS because it's fun entertainment but this season was a different story. There's always a certain cringe factor of some "celebrities" who are deluded about their dancing ability but Kate Gosselin took it to a whole new level of cringe.

Seriously, this "dance" she did to Paparazzi was one of the worst things I've ever seen. It was basically walking, and this Jimmy Fallon version of the dance has better dancing than she did. To watch one of the shows that had Gosselin in it, my partner and I tried drinking wine to see if it helped. It didn't.

However things started to look up when Kate Gosselin was eliminated and we were left with the better dancers. DWS became it's usual self again with crazy sequined costumes, occasionally awesome dances and funny quips from Tom Bergeron. Also, I liked all the finalists and felt they deserved to be in the finals so that was nice. Not a show with deep meanings but when everything comes together it's fun with great dancing.

What's Upcoming/Previously done
Day 01 - A show that should never have been cancelled: Joan of Arcadia
Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching: Community
Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season): Parenthood
Day 04 - Your favorite show ever: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Day 05 - A show you hate:
Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show: BtVS's Once More with Feeling
Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show: BtVS's Beer Bad
Day 08 - A show everyone should watch: The Vampire Diaries
Day 09 - Best scene ever: We discover that John Locke couldn't walk before crashing on the island in Lost
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving: Friends
Day 11 - A show that disappointed you: Veronica Mars
Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times: HIMYM's Something Borrowed
Day 13 - Favorite childhood show: Little House on the Prairie
Day 14 - Favorite male character: Coach Taylor
Day 15 - Favorite female character: Lorelai Gilmore

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show
Day 17 - Favorite mini series
Day 18 - Favorite title sequence
Day 19 - Best TV show cast
Day 20 - Favorite kiss
Day 21 - Favorite ship
Day 22 - Favorite series finale
Day 23 - Most annoying character
Day 24 - Best quote
Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)
Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale
Day 27 - Best pilot episode
Day 28 - First TV show obsession
Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
Day 30 - Saddest character death

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