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Passions is on! Timmy's down the bloody well, and if you make me miss it ... (btvs 4:9) - A fiend with magical bunny-like powers
Passions is on! Timmy's down the bloody well, and if you make me miss it ... (btvs 4:9)
Sure there's lot of CSI and CSI-clone shows on tv right now, but my love of television has been renewed! I've been watching more shows that I like recently, which has resulted in a less snarky Cordelianne. I had so much fun in my last entry organizing my thoughts around quotes from my recently viewed shows, that I thought I'd do it again. Also it gives me the opportunity to include my favourite quotes!

"These people are crazy." (re: The Weavers on The Amazing Race: Family Edition 8:3)

Hey! The Weavers are the most entertaining family on the show. I enjoy their over-the-top Christianity (ie. praying for God to help them with a clue) and their high levels of excitement. If more of the families were as "crazy" as them it might be a more entertaining season.

I'd also be more into the show if the teams actually left the damn country!! Three episodes and they're still in the U.S.?! It's hard to feel suspenseful about a mystery bus ride within the U.S., it just can't compare to mystery trips through beautiful scenery on the other side of the world. .... Opps I guess I lied, there's still some snark in me after all.

"Guy probably got attacked by the toxic mold that he found under the crack foundation that covers the portal to hell." (Reba 5:3)

I like to imagine that this is a reference to Buffy!! Sure my Buffy obsession may cause me to associate every portal to hell reference with the show, but even if it wasn't a reference it's still fun to imagine that it is!

However, Reba definitely had an excellent pop culture reference during some really funny interactions between Brock and Barbara Jean and the operator from their car's navigation system who's name is Hal (you know like the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey). I was very amused when Hal called Brock "Dave" and then locked him in the car. Good times, I love Reba!!

"Yours is the best gay show since Frasier." (re: Queer Eye on Living with Fran 2:3)

I just giggled over that comment because I enjoy it when other people - not just me - read queer subtexts into pop culture.

Speaking of gay subtext, check out the following quote from Smallville. Clark is very passionately saying this to Lex in between punches:

"I thought we could start over Lex. But you're too obsessed with the past, with me. I'm different now and I'm through playing games with you." (Smallville 5:2)

Did anyone else start wondering exactly what games they used to play? I know, I know, Clark is really upset about Lex spying on him in an attempt to uncover his secret but still ... it's hard to deny the subtext. Additionally, Lex and Clark have the most compelling and interesting relationship on the show - way more interesting than Clark and Lana (boring).

"What you're saying is now that you're human you have absolutely no useful skills." (Smallville 5:2)

hee hee, Chloe was so cool and lots of fun this episode - I just love that comment of hers to Clark. A friend of mine was complaining that it's not that interesting now that Clark has lost his powers. However, I enjoyed watching Clark learn to succeed like a regular non-super powered person. But I agree that the show won't be interesting in the long-term if he doesn't have powers. Fortunately - as I reassured my friend - Smallville doesn't have a good track record for maintaining story or characters arcs so Clark will get his powers back soon.

"I got beat up by a taco." (American Dad 1:10)

I love that line said by Roger (the alien), and think it would be perfect for a t-shirt.

"You know, yelling is sometimes a really loud way of saying I love you." (Kitchen Confidential 1:2)

I'm very entertained by this line, because it points out the romantic comedy cliche of a couple starting out by arguing and hating each other but eventually realizing they love each other. I must admit that I love this particular cliche if it's done correctly because I love snarky banter. What makes this line rock is that the 2 people arguing in this episode are 2 straight guy best friends.

I really hope that Kitchen Confidential doesn't get canceled. Just to clear things up, it has not been canceled, instead - like all the other Fox shows - it is in hiatus during the baseball playoffs. I'm hoping it'll get picked up because I want all the Buffy/Angel alumni to succeed (Alyson Hannigan's How I Met Your Mother and David Boreanaz's Bones have both been picked up for full seasons - YEA).

"There was lots of nice architecture and smokers." (Ephram on Europe, Everwood 4:2)

Yes, that does describe Europe perfectly!!

"It's called communication, it's what relationships are based on." (Everwood 4:2)

hee, I'd clarify that statement slightly "It's called communication, it's what good relationships are based on."

This season of Everwood is excellent (as per usual). In particular, I really like Bright and Hannah's burgeoning romance. It's neat to watch Bright learning how to be in a mature relationship that lasts more than 3 dates. Everwood is good at moving beyond cliches and creating 3-dimensional characters, such as Bright who've developed beyond dumb jock territory.

"I'm sorry Harold, am I late for my interrogation in a 1940s war movie?" (Everwood 4:2)

I just love that line so much I had to include it!!

I love watching good shows like Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Reba and Kitchen Confidential. They remind me of why I love television - sometimes it can be good for a relaxing half hour of laughing, and other times to examine the horrible and beautiful complexities of human interactions. Thank god there isn't just crime shows on television, although it can feel that way which is why I'm concluding with this amusing quote from Gilmore Girls (6:5):

Jackson: Did anyone see that new show on tv last night?
Lorelei: The one where they were solving crimes by cutting bodies open and poking their organs?
Jackson: No.
Sookie: The one where they're solving crimes from 30 years ago by going to graveyards and cutting open bodies and poking their organs?
Jackson: No.
Lorelei: The one where people are missing and then they find their bodies and cut them open and poke their organs, and that's how they solve the crimes?"
Jackson: No.
Lorelei: What else is on?

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